The Merits Of Flexing

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2018)

Society is always preaching the benefits of staying humble. This isn’t bad advice, but there’s many under-appreciated benefits to being flashy, loud, and even showing off a bit.

Some of the most seemingly cocky and braggadocios people you can think of are actually very humble. Conversely, a lot of the people who come off as very humble are actually total savages. Of course, this is nowhere near a rule…but you’d be surprised. The point is, there isn’t always a clear link between the way people act and the way they feel inside. The benefits of staying grounded are well documented, and you should always be humble. This post however, is going to shed some light on the benefits of flexing. Putting on that pricey jacket, piece of jewelry, or watch can do wonders for you, perhaps in ways you have not yet considered.

Changing your self-talk is a highly effective way of changing how you see yourself. What’s not focused on as much, is the way you act. Actively engaging in behaviors congruent with your desired self-image will produce 10x the effect of any positive affirmation. When you flex, you are building an abundance mindset. You’re telling yourself you’re successful enough to do what you want. This will have a powerful positive effect on your self-image, and ultimately your success. Other people will pick up on this as well–subconsciously, at least. This in turn affects the way they treat you, further burgeoning your positive self-image. Think of it as strategic delusion.

Of course, not everyone you see decked out in designer clothing with two Rolexes on each wrist is doing it as a positive psychology exercise. A lot of people buy nice things because they’re insecure, plain and simple. Your ego should never be the dominant deciding factor when it comes to any decision you make–this approach is toxic. The strategies described above are supplements, not solutions. At the end of the day, you need to make sure you’re not overly reliant on anything, especially not material objects, to feel whole. It’s all about balance.

So, is it finally time to sell the house and put a down payment on that Christmas edition diamond plated Bugatti with the Bigfoot fur seats? No. This is NOT encouragement to make financially irresponsible decisions. Rather, it’s an offering of new perspectives. People are constantly telling themselves who they are through the ways they think and act. Start looking at human behavior this way, and you’ll find what you once thought of as silly or unnecessary, suddenly make total sense. This concept is the same reason people have trophy cases, nice paintings, and motivational posters–to maximize positive self-communication

You’re a GOAT. You need to be thinking and acting like it. Now get out there, work hard, have fun, and don’t hesitate to flex!

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