Commitment, Success, & Face Tattoos

A Lil Uzi Vert interview came out recently where he talked about why he decided to tattoo his face. At the time, he had no fame or success, had just quit his job after four days, and was kicked out of his house by his mother. Logically, the next step was to tattoo his face. By his reasoning, he felt permanently removing himself from the employment pool would force him to focus seriously on his music. It so happens, that plan worked out pretty well. Continue reading “Commitment, Success, & Face Tattoos”

GOAT Talk – Alejandro Rioja Interview

 Today, we’ll be doing a little GOAT talk with Alejandro Rioja, chairman of Flux Ventures LLC. Originally from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, he traveled here in 2013 to attend UCLA. He started Flux with his business partner Miles Anthony and grew a 7 figure e-commerce business selling simple, sleek portable chargers within 2 years. In this GOAT Talk, we’ll cover a range of topics including lifestyle, mindset, & entrepreneurism in a Q&A format. Continue reading “GOAT Talk – Alejandro Rioja Interview”