Change Your Self-Image, Change Your Life

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2018)

Your self-image is your all-encompassing view of yourself. Self-image is a product of both synergistic and competing forces. The outside world supplies cues to who you are which variably work with or against the way you think and behave. An important part of having a growth oriented mindset, is realizing you can control your thoughts to positively alter your self-image, in turn changing the way the outside world reacts to you.

Reasonable people let the world affect their thoughts. GOATs let their thoughts affect the world. No longer must to be a slave to the opinions of the masses. While you should certainly evaluate and honestly consider feedback, it doesn’t need to change who you are.

There are many ways to change your self-image, though all are rooted in shifting your thought patterns. In The Brain That Changes Itself, Dr. Norman Doige likens these patterns to riding a sled down a hill. The more you take a certain path, the deeper it will get and the harder it will become to take an alternate route. Try hard enough though, and eventually that old path will snow over allowing you to make new ones more easily.  It really is as simple as beginning to think differently, though much more difficult in practice. The neural pathways linked to the thoughts we are most used to having become stronger with repeated use. The brain does this for efficiency, it assumes the things you think often are the most important thoughts to be having. This can drastically work for or against you, so take notice.

No matter what strategies you use, changing the way you think is going to be pretty difficult. The easiest way to begin is to break down the time you require yourself to be positive into small chunks. In The Power Of Positive Thinking, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale advises being hopeful in all situations for just 24 hours. Once you accomplish this, try to go a week, a month, and even longer.

The person you were always destined to be is waiting just around the corner, let him/her in!

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