Thoughts vs Feelings

Thus far, GoatLyfe has emphasized the importance of positive thinking. Having positive thoughts will change the way you see the things, people, and circumstances around you. Your changed perceptions change the way you treat and react to the world, in turn changing the way it reacts to you. Positive thinking however is not a cure-all. You can think all the positive thoughts you want and still feel like shit. Eventually, your feelings will win over.  Continue reading “Thoughts vs Feelings”

New Clothing & A Game!

Two major announcements fellow GOATs!


GoatLyfe has officially launched “Can’t Stump The Trump!”. It’s a funny arcade style mobile game where the objective is to last as long as possible! Check it out here.


The first designs in the GoatLyfe clothing line are now available through Amazon! All items are made with premium quality Bella+Canvas shirts. Find them here, or just click the shop tab!


Change Your Self-Image, Change Your Life

Your self-image is your all-encompassing view of yourself. Self-image is a product of both synergistic and competing forces. The outside world supplies cues to who you are which variably work with or against the way you think and behave. An important part of having a growth oriented mindset, is realizing you can control your thoughts to positively alter your self-image, in turn changing the way the outside world reacts to you. Continue reading “Change Your Self-Image, Change Your Life”

Stop Romanticizing The Past

We’ve all been guilty of replaying our favorite moments just a tad bit too long– to the point where they produce a sort of melancholy yearning rather than pure good feelings. Even worse, we have a habit of reframing events of the past as being perfect or ideal when in reality they were just as imperfect as any other moment. If one wishes to be not only successful but also happy, it is vital to let go of the past, only calling on it briefly for good feelings and life lessons. Continue reading “Stop Romanticizing The Past”